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Simplifying the energy burden, unlocking commercial growth


LEMA Formation

In October 2023, Simon Anderson, CEO of the Traxis Group and Miriam Atkin, Director of Energy at Gemserv, signed an agreement to set up, launch and run LEMA, the newest initiative in the fast-growing market that is demand management.

In early December 2023 we announced the formation of LEMA Ltd, a not-for-profit Company Limited by Guarantee (CLG).

Our Mission

Our mission is to tackle common market barriers and find pragmatic collaborative business solutions to them: e.g. propositions, operating models, architectures, and common frameworks.

We will also provide a market development opportunity by bringing together leading buying, selling and enabling organisations.

The Local Energy Burden

The electrification of heating and transport and the maximisation of roof-top solar are all initiatives that rely on action by multiple responsible parties, not least consumers.

However, the responsibility for delivering these elements of the energy transition is highly fragmented and leadership is sadly lacking with too many parties having bit roles.

This is the local energy burden.


Stakeholder Engagement

LEMA will focus on creating a strong network of like-minded stakeholders from various sectors to collectively address challenges within local energy systems.


2024 Develop Propositions

Members of LEMA will together identify common market barriers and develop pragmatic business concepts and business models to minimise their impact.

LEMA’s trajectory moving forward towards 2026

LEMA is a programme of work designed to shape a set of clear trajectories which are not only crucial but pivotal in shaping the future of smart local energy systems throughout Europe. These trajectories emphasise our dedication to drive positive changes and create logical and sustainable solutions to solve the local energy burden.


2025 Contractualise

In 2025 LEMA will develop and approve common structures and contractual frameworks This is an important and challenging step, but a vital one towards enabling and optimising a common approach in all locales.


2026 Prove, Sell, Repeat

Learning from experience, optimising delivery, supporting new development business cases to expand smart local energy systems as a core element of a strengthened decentralised grid.