Join us at the LEMA Summit on July 2-3rd at Leeds Castle! (See our events page for more details)

Benefits of joining

Expertise & Support

LEMA members will form a strong network of like-minded organisations who are ready to collaborate and offer mutual support in solving today’s problems whilst amplifying their influence within local energy markets.

Innovative Solutions

Members will have opportunities to strategically plan bespoke solutions to navigate the complexities surrounding local energy markets effectively.

Shaping the Future

By joining the LEMA, members will become an integral part of industry leadership in pioneering positive change and shaping the future of local energy markets across Europe.


LEMA will provide a knowledge centre for members to have access to multiple tools and resources online.

Events & Networking

LEMA members are able to participate in a range of events such as CIG groups, regular meetings and annual conference. The gatherings will provide members with opportunities to build valuable professional relationships within different industries.

Knowledge Sharing

At LEMA we foster a culture where knowledge sharing and expertise exchange is at the forefront of shaping the future. Members will have ample opportunities to participate in the industries collective wisdom.