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Get to know us

Simon Anderson

Co-Founder of LEMA & CEO of Traxis Group

The Directors

Miriam Atkin

Co-Founder of LEMA & Executive Director at Gemserv

Organisations engaging with LEMA

Objectives for LEMA & its members

LEMA is a different form of Alliance; it is focused on drawing together members with common interests in generating a fully commercial market for local energy systems. Current low carbon technologies have been proven through many trials and demonstrations.

The challenge is to now establish the business interactions and commercial foundations that will intelligently fund and take low carbon technologies into the mass market.

Momentum is building in this arena and LEMA & its members objective is to take the lead in building the commercial momentum that will lead to market success. This is a business initiative aimed at generating returns for businesses that have sunk time and effort into R&D and are looking to monetise this effort and take a lead in the industry.