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Founding Members

Robin Bradley, CEO of bigspark and Founding Member of LEMA.

I am an AI and Emerging Technology thought leader with 20+ years’ experience in transformation and value creation. I have a keen interest in the Smart Energy and Utilities sector. I am engaged and involved in LEMA, with a small group of senior Energy sector leaders to help change the way we use energy for the good of society and all parties in the ecosystem.

Over the last 10 years, I have been involved in multiple thought leadership ventures in the AI, blockchain, and cloud computing space at IBM, multiple startups and as CEO at bigspark. I have also lectured in 5 different emerging technology areas and mentored 100s of MSc students. At Hertfordshire Uni, I also ran and managed multiple Air pollution and AI projects that were helping shape local government and society level changes.

I can bring a technologist point of view with knowledge of the latest trends and art of the possible. It would be a great honour to be part of TechUK and help continue to push Data for Good in the Smart Energy and Utilities sector.

bigspark is a Data and Software Engineering Consultancy. We have a purpose of Data for Good and igniting change through engineering. We have a team of amazing technologists who love to solve difficult problems for our customers and society.

My team can help influence the technology roadmap and value creation in the Smart Energy and Utilities space. We are currently working on a large-scale project in the Smart metering and Electric Vehicle charging points space. This is building the technology and understanding the data to integrate into the National grid infrastructure and using machine learning and real-time streaming to transform energy usage for housing estates and house builders. This will also transform and add value across the eco-system using ML led load balancing of power.

We have also implemented other projects in the ESG space and bigspark is excited to become a founding member of LEMA, looking at how we can transform the UK and potentially European energy and utilities market, through a collaborative approach, creating value for consumers, driving mass adoption of transformation change at all levels of the ecosystem.