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Founding Members

Luísa Matos is the CEO and Co-founder of Cleanwatts and Founding Member of LEMA.

I am carrying over 18 years of leadership in green innovation and digital transformation. My deep involvement spans key initiatives in local energy markets, energy communities, virtual power plants (VPPs), and demand-side flexibility. With a solid foundation in economics and academic experience including an MSc, MBA, and an Oxford DIPSI, I am nearing the completion of her PhD in Strategy with research on business models innovation and local energy markets.

In joining the Local Energy Markets Alliance (LEMA), Cleanwatts aims to integrate its pioneering energy community work with a diverse array of market insights and professional expertise. This partnership will accelerate Cleanwatts' mission, leveraging its foundational success in establishing one of the first renewable energy communities in Europe under the RED II framework.

Together, Cleanwatts and LEMA hope to reshape local energy market design and foster business partnerships, aiming to dismantle market barriers that hinder the adoption of local energy systems. Through this collaboration, the aim is to develop a versatile local energy marketplace framework that can be tailored to fit a range of different geographic and market conditions

With Cleanwatts' innovative approach and LEMA's collaborative network, this joint effort promises to significantly enhance the accessibility and sustainability of energy solutions, driving a shift towards a more community-centered energy future.