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Founding Members

Jon Saltmarsh, CTO of Energy Systems Catapult and Founding Member of LEMA.

Jon Saltmarsh is Chief Technology Officer at the Energy Systems Catapult. The Catapult was established to accelerate the transition to a net zero energy system and support UK innovators in creating the necessary solutions. He is responsible for ensuring the Catapult identifies and addresses the innovation priorities that will have most impact on this mission. Jon has had a very varied career in innovation in the public and private sectors in both energy and defence. He has first-hand experience of how to identify and exploit opportunities for new technologies to deliver transformative change.

Energy Systems Catapult is an independent research and technology organisation with a mission to accelerate Net Zero energy innovation. Launched in 2015 by Innovate UK, the Catapult has built a team of more than 250 people, with a range of technical, engineering, consumer, commercial, incubation, digital, and policy expertise. They draw on sector-leading test facilities, modelling tools, and data from a back catalogue of more than 500 research projects. The Catapult uses this ‘whole energy’ system capability to support innovative companies - small and large – to test, trial and scale their new products and services.

The Catapult has been involved in the concepts that underpin LEMA for many years, most recently on the work they did under Innovate UK’s Prospering from the Energy Revolution programme supporting the development of Smart Local Energy Systems. They have joined the Alliance to share and further develop this knowledge, to accelerate energy innovation and the transition to Net Zero